Cherubic Soul Toller Kennel

Family kennel

We are family kennel of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

We want this breed to become known in Slovakia and domesticated in the right way.
Novoškótsky retriever

Toto sme my

Sme rodinná chovateľská stanica plemena Novoškótsky retriever. Túžime po tom, aby sa na Slovensku toto plemeno dostalo do povedomia a udomácnilo sa správnym spôsobom.
From husband's question to a shared hobby

In 2019, I celebrated my life anniversary. And like every year, I got the classic question: "What would please you the most in the world?" My immediate answer (I don't even know where it came from) was, "A Dog!"

We have both known the life with dogs since childhood. We knew what it would mean, so my husband was hesitating for a while. However he agreed in the end. My husband's only condition was that it has to be a medium size dog. So as usual, the hardest part was choosing the right breed.

After some search, we ended up with the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. I have to admit, I had never heard of this breed before, I had not even seen it. Therefore, it was crucial to learn more and get familiar with this breed and not just look up on internet.

#Love at first "Woof"

We studied this breed throughfully, we were pleased that the needs that this breed requires were in line with what we could offer. At the same time, autumn was approaching, and there was a possibility to see this breed in live on the upcoming dog exhibition in Bratislava. We went to see "our" dog. And when you believe in love at first sight, you will surely understand how my husband and I immediately fell in love with this breed during the first few minutes.

A difficult journey to a four-legged friend

TOLLER (familiar name of the breed) was not so easy to get. After detailed searching, we liked the kennel near Kroměříž (CZ). In the breeding world, they do not give away puppies like that, so I started communicating with the breeder in writing, later by phone, and I waited for an invitation to a personal meeting. In the meantime, I watched the kennel on Instagram and studied her work with their dogs and puppies.

The day of the personal meeting came, which was very pleasant, but after answering essential questions, we learned that the waiting time is long, the puppies would be in a year time at the earliest. There was a slight disappointment, but my desire for a puppy from this breeder was more significant, so we decided to wait. 

Waiting has paid off

Summer 2020 has arrived, and we‘ve received a beautiful message that we can look forward to a puppy soon. Our enthusiasm and hunger for information have multiplied. We continuously communicated with our breeder Veronika; she provided us with the latest news daily.

And so one day, it was precisely July 22, 2020, our next happiness was born. At home, we agreed that we would like to have a bitch, and fortunately, up to 4 beautiful girls were in this litter.

Intuition over gold

From birth, we followed the puppies on Instagram, and after about five weeks, we went for the first visit. After the visit, we had to indicate which puppies we liked.

There was one that came to me the most during the visit, and maybe that's why, and perhaps even for that sudden intuitive feeling of happiness, we marked HER. Our little fluffy puppy with a pink ribbon. I was really hoping she would be ours. 

We did the best we could

After eight weeks, we went to pick up our desired puppy. For the first days and weeks, we got used to each other, and then we started the training with the basic commands "come; stay; no." These commands were our primary priority.

Kaisey how we named her, is a beloved member of our family, she is allowed to wander on the couch, but everyone has a bed for themselves. Through all those days, we saw how she is changing, growing before our eyes, and thanks to her, we also changed in a good way. She forced us to work with her and to do it right at the same time, we learned a lot as well. As a result of this, our common learning became our new marital hobby.

The original intention was not to breed

So why did we decide to set up a kennel? It's because of her, Kaisey. Her constant desire to work, fantastic personality, uniqueness, excellent health results, and low awareness of this breed finally convinced us to do it.

Even the name of our kennel CHERUBIC SOUL is derived from her official name (Cherubic Kaisey Targaryen Fire) - because she is such an angel with four paws...:o)

about Kaisey
Here we are

We are a family kennel, and we plan to stay like that. In addition to our Kaisey, we also have a Dachshund named Lili. We do not plan to breed puppies like on a treadmill.

A healthy lineage, balanced personality and hard working tollers are essential to us. We want this breed to become known in Slovakia and domesticated in the right way.

About tollers

It may be strange that this dog, originally from Canada, is called the Nova Scotia Retriever, but it was in Nova Scotia that it was bred in the early 19th century.

His job was to attract and fetch waterfowl, especially ducks, hence his familiar name - toller.

Like almost every retriever, this breed is highly intelligent, bright, decisive, alert, studious and persistent. He loves to play and fetching is his greatest passion.

Their coat is beautifully reddish-orange with white patches on the chest, tail end and paws.

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