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9. 11. 2022
Dating before mating 🐾💕
It's no secret that we have some breeding plans for next year. It’s a big responsibility that encompassed many small steps, from which most of them are invisible from outside. Such an important milestone was to find the right partner for Kaisey. It took us almost 6 months to find the right male. We might […]
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13. 7. 2022
Another active weekend
Last week we said hello to Czechia again. This time we participated in Tollers on Beroun, which Toller Klub CZ. organized. Already during registration for the event, we could choose between nosework, dummy, obedience, and dog-dancing training. Our choice fell on nosework and our favorite dummy. It was a very successful long weekend full of positive […]
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28. 6. 2022
How to survive hot summer days - aka. how we do it
Summer is approaching and with it, the hot days , which can cause us and our 4-legged pets various difficulties. It is a very up to date topic to which you will find a lot of wise advice on the Internet. We follow these basic principles: We train and walk with dogs either in the […]
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Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever
23. 6. 2022
Dog Show - to attend or not
We believe that each dog owner/breeder (with a pedigree) should decide on their own whether to go to shows or not. So far, we have not found a reference in any literature that to go to shows as a dog owner is mandatory. So what are such exhibitions for? The more experienced will tell you […]
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15. 5. 2022
When combined pleasant with useful
It is no secret that the training of the toller is not entirely identical to other types of retrievers. Every toller owner will confirm the same. You will never be successful with the „PUSH“ approach.  Training of the standard obedience is basically not a problem; it is like with other breeds. Toller is docile and […]
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výchova tollera
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