Cherubic Soul Toller Kennel
23. 6. 2022

Dog Show - to attend or not

We believe that each dog owner/breeder (with a pedigree) should decide on their own whether to go to shows or not. So far, we have not found a reference in any literature that to go to shows as a dog owner is mandatory. So what are such exhibitions for? The more experienced will tell you that exhibitions are no longer what they used to be. But let's probably put aside the quality of the shows and the judges' subjective opinions on beauty. We are not one of those who sit at exhibitions all day or travel to every show. We do like moderation in this. 
Reasons why we participate in an exhibition here, and there are: 

  • Breed standards - each breed have them precisely defined, and the judges should
    evaluate the dogs against them. So any professional feedback in this regard will please you. 
  • Common hobbies - we travel, get to know new regions, spend time together, have new experiences, and are together. 
  • We meet the same enthusiasts - who share this passion, joy and worry. It's a great place to exchange experiences. 
  • It's a different type of work with a dog - as a dog handler, you do work with a dog differently. If you are nervous, the dog will feel it. If the dog doesn't want to show off, you, as the handler, should be able to read the signals and know how to get the dog to calm down or even cheer up if needed. It is two-way communication. 
  • Another type of socialization for the dog -although you may not think so, it can also positively affect the dog, as long as it is done with calmness and prudence.

And one more confession: I was one of the people who rejected the exhibitions a few years ago. I didn't see a deeper meaning in it; I took it as a form of dog abuse. Well, after I tried it, I liked it, and now I happily attend them here and there. As it is often said, if you don't try, you will not know. 

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