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28. 6. 2022

How to survive hot summer days - aka. how we do it

Summer is approaching and with it, the hot days , which can cause us and our 4-legged pets various difficulties. It is a very up to date topic to which you will find a lot of wise advice on the Internet.

We follow these basic principles:

  • We train and walk with dogs either in the early morning (5-6: 00) or in the late evening (20:00)
  • During hot days, we try to avoid walking/sports on the asphalt surface - this is mainly because after the entire hot day, the asphalt is hot and can cause ugly problems with blisters, burned paws
  • If it is hot for several days (+ 30C), we try to cool the dogs, either with a damp towel, a cooling pad, or with a wrap over the paws. In no case we do splash the dog with water; it is very dangerous for an indignant organism.
  • We don't always have the opportunity to go swimming somewhere by the water, so this year we bought a swimming pool for dogs - what do you think? Will they like it?
  • We have dogs inside the house during the day. If by any chance they are in the garden, then exclusively in the shade - so they do not get sunburn. In the house, they have a quiet place with a pleasant atmosphere. This means that neither in drafts nor directly under air conditioning.
  • Access to fresh water, indoors or outdoors, is a matter of course.
  • Since the overall exercise during the day is a bit limited - the ideal way to keep a dog entertained are dog puzzles; such as dog ice cream, frozen vegetables (such as whole carrots) or for smaller licking pads - it will entertain the dog and at the same time cool him down a bit.

Our dogs are full members of our family, and they are also living creatures. We are not complete enthusiasts of hot weather, and maybe that's why we try to create an environment for them in which we can together survive the heat, and will look forward to more beautiful and temperature-friendly days.

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