Cherubic Soul Toller Kennel
15. 5. 2022

When combined pleasant with useful

It is no secret that the training of the toller is not entirely identical to other types of retrievers. Every toller owner will confirm the same. You will never be successful with the „PUSH“ approach. 

Training of the standard obedience is basically not a problem; it is like with other breeds. Toller is docile and likes to work. More complex is the working training. Since we have few tollers in Slovakia, it is logical that there are only a few such coaches who would be able to help you specifically advise. 

How do we deal with it? 

We travel a lot cross-country to learn as much as we can. And this is precisely the kind of learning weekend we recently had with Tána Incédi (CZ). 

During the weekend, we focused mainly on handling and marking, which are building a solid base for the proper tolling. I will tell you honestly that sometimes combining all the information and coordinating your hands, feet, and even the dog is challenging. But it just needs practice and determination. And both of these, we still have ... 

We look forward to our joint progress with Kaisey in this regard.

výchova tollera
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