Cherubic Soul Toller Kennel
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
Roger Caras
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
Roger Caras

Tollers family kennel

We are a family kennel, and we plan to stay like that. In addition to our Kaisey, we also have a Dachshund named Lili. We do not plan to breed puppies like on a treadmill. 

A healthy lineage, balanced personality and hard working tollers are essential to us. We want this breed to become known in Slovakia and domesticated in the right way.
About us
Why did we decide to set up a kennel?

It's because of her, Kaisey. Her constant desire to work, fantastic personality, uniqueness, excellent health results, and low awareness of this breed finally convinced us to do it. 

Even the name of our kennel CHERUBIC SOUL is derived from her official name (Cherubic Kaisey Targaryen Fire) - because she is such an angel with four paws...:o)


Cherubic Kaisey Targaryen Fire
(Arya Targaryen Fire x Apple Chilli's Ginger Group)
Nick name:
Slovak registracion number:
Keki, Keka, Keksík
48 cm
18 kg
About Kaisey

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Origin of the breed

Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, also Canadian retriever, Nova Scotia retriever or simply just toller. It originated in eastern Canada. The first written records of dogs helping with duck hunting date back to the 17th century.


Various shades of red or orange, the fringe and underside of the tail is lighter. Usually white markings are found at least at the end of the tail, on the paws to above the toes, on the chest, and it may also have a white bald patch.

Behaviour and character

Very intelligent, teachable and also very persistent; he is a gifted swimmer and a reliable fetcher from water and on land; he fetches at the slightest stimulus; playfulness and fetching are the basis of his work.

Overall appearance

A medium-sized, strong, compact, harmonious and muscular dog. He is bright, agile, alert and decisive. Many retrievers look a little sad until they get down to business, then their expression shows intense concentration and excitement.

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23. 6. 2022
Dog Show - to attend or not
We believe that each dog owner/breeder (with a pedigree) should decide on their own whether to go to shows or not. So far, we have not found a reference in any literature that to go to shows as a dog owner is mandatory. So what are such exhibitions for? The more experienced will tell you […]
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výchova tollera
15. 5. 2022
When combined pleasant with useful
It is no secret that the training of the toller is not entirely identical to other types of retrievers. Every toller owner will confirm the same. You will never be successful with the „PUSH“ approach.  Training of the standard obedience is basically not a problem; it is like with other breeds. Toller is docile and […]
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